• Quality Control (QC) in production process

    Quality is our mission, therefore we put our hearts in every products we have made and launched. We never stop to bring a new and modern technology through our Laboratory in order to develop and produce an innovative items.

  • Our own in-house graphic designer

    We can assist you from the beginning until you become a brand owner. We will help you create your own designing, packaging to suit your market theme with an experiences designer. International languages are no doubt.

  • Products we specialized and OEM

    All facial products, Sun blocked for face and body, All skin care products, All facial cleanser and body cleanser, Talcum powder, Hair gel and oil, All daily use products and sanitizer

  • Our Capacities

    1,500 kg./day Liquid powder, 400 kg./day Oil and Hair Gel, 800 kg./day Skincare products, 300 kg./day Sunscreen, sunblocked, 200 kg./day Talcum powder

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